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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Converging Worlds?: New Media, Social Media, Journalism, Communications, Marketing

Yesterday, I caught up with an old school mate of mine.  She is a brand manager at P&G.  As we talked about the work that each of us is doing these days she said to me, "You are coming into my world!"

We laughed a little.

I have had an interesting trajectory since my days at Cornell.  For the last fifteen years, I have moved in between the private sector, the nonprofit sector and the government sector.  Moving in between these sectors has always felt very natural to me.  I am clear that each opportunity I have had has built on the other and they have all  fit together in the broader story of my own brand and what I am hoping to do through my career.

Since the beginning of the last decade, I have been working in one form or another in New Media.

I love it.  I am an evangelist.  I have trained hundreds of people in it.  I have seen the power of what it can do for brands, campaigns, individuals, businesses, governments and nonprofits.  I believe it is the future.  I have  worked in the intersection of New Media, Social Media, Journalism, Communications and Marketing as these worlds have begun to converge and I am honored to be playing in this space at such a critical time.  I think the possibilities of what we can build are endless and the journey is only beginning.

So yes.  Perhaps my friend is right.  After all of these years I am coming into her world.  But perhaps another way of looking at it is that as the lines between New Media, Social Media, Journalism, Communications and Marketing continue to evolve, her world is converging with mine.  We are in effect "coming into each other's worlds" and I for one am very excited about the possibilities that this convergence presents for the future.

How about you?

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