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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Start Ups, Babies and Me

After a three year hiatus, I've decided to begin posting on my blog again.

2013 has ushered in some exciting, big changes and 2014 promises more of the same.

So it's time to start blogging again!

Applications Now Being Accepted for the First Cohort of Latin@ Technology Conference Participants

I am excited to share that this week we are swinging into full planning mode for the First-ever Latin@ Technology Conference to precede SXSW.

After trying to move the needle on this topic for several years, we have decided to gather the top Latin@s in technology in a pre-conference to precede SXSW. My first efforts at organizing a Latinos in Tech (LIT) event at SXSW took the form of an evening event at the Carver Museum during SXSW 2010. Inspired by the efforts of Blacks in Tech (BIT) and having participated as a speaker for BIT at the Carver, I thought it important to start a Latinos in Tech event. I thought it critical that we as Latinos have something similar to the BIT effort.

This time the idea is for us to bring together a strong cohort of Latinos in Tech for a stimulating pre-conference convening which will lead to greater Latin@ participation at SXSW and other tech conferences in years to come. We are in conversations with Blacks in Tech again this year to see how we can partner.

While we believe in the importance of the fluidity of borders, the focus of this convening is on US Latin@s. We see this as an opportunity to create a tipping point moment in Latin@ participation at events and conferences like SXSW where we are still massively underrepresented despite the growth in our numbers. Last year there were only two Latin@ panels at SXSW Interactive. This needs to change.

As a part of this pre-conference, we are putting together a list of the top Latinos in Tech. If there are people who you think we should include please let us know.

If you are interested in applying for this event you can do so here.

For more information on the convening please see the press release below.




Kety Esquivel
Principal Esquivel McCarson Consulting
kety.esquivel at


This week the Kapor Center for Social Impact, along with Kety Esquivel, Principal of Esquivel McCarson Consulting and Ana Flores, Principal of Latina Bloggers Connect announced the start of planning for the first ever Latino Technology Conference to precede SXSW.

"We decided to hold this pre-SXSW Latino Technology Conference in 2014 to try and ensure greater involvement by the Latino community in SXSW," said Ana Flores. "Although we have made great progress, despite the growth in numbers of Latinos in technology, the participation of Latinos as attendees, speakers and panelist in important conferences like SXSW is minimal. We are hoping that this pre-conference will help to move that number in the right direction."

"I am passionate about ensuring that Latinos are represented in these venues," said Kety Esquivel. "Moreover, despite the fact that by 2050 Hispanics will be 1/3 of the U.S. population, the divide between the investments and commitments being made in digital to reach the Latino audience are significant. We need to challenge investors, organizations, media creators, agencies, conference organizers and startups to make this commitment. What better place to talk about this then at a pre-SXSW conference?"

"After attending last year, the Kapor Center decided to contribute to those efforts which would maximize the opportunity for Latinos to both benefit from and contribute to the SXSW experience," said Nicole Sanchez Managing Partner of the Kapor Center for Social Impact. "We believe a one day pre-conference for Latinos in tech will be an important catalyst and milestone towards achieving these goals."

The inaugural Latino Technology Conference will occur immediately before SXSW and will be a day long event. Proposals for panels will be accepted before the conference and event organizers are reaching out to corporate and other foundation sponsors to try and ensure that the event is accessible to the Latino community.

Updates on the event will be posted on the website.

Apply here.

To participate as a sponsor contact Kety Esquivel at Kety.Esquivel at

The Kapor Center for Social Impact relentlessly pursues creative strategies that will leverage information technology for positive social impact. We are particularly interested in social impact for communities that have historically been on the periphery of access to opportunity, participation and influence in the areas of education, politics, economics, and health. We focus our activities on creating and widening pathways that will leverage tech to improve economic opportunity, academic outcomes, political participation, and health care and wellness. We believe that when the community of tech leaders reflects the diversity of the United States, tech will play an integral role in closing gaps and disparities that exist in this country.

Latina Bloggers Connect is a boutique agency specialized in crafting brand alliances and campaigns that allow bloggers and brands to connect in meaningful and effective ways. Founded in 2010, the LBC network now counts with over 1,000 opt-in members. LBC works with Latina influencers in all areas, including parenting, lifestyle, fashion, food, travel, green, technology and more. Latina Bloggers Connect, the first agency of its kind, is a leader in the Hispanic social media space and was recently recognized as the Top Latin@ Social Network Leader at the LATISM 2011 and 2012 Awards.

Esquivel McCarson Consulting is a consulting firm providing leadership, diversity, sales, technology and social media solutions to organizations and individuals. Its services include executive and life coaching, public speaking, leadership and diversity training, social media strategy development and implementation as well as social media training. Its founders are Kety Esquivel, a former executive with Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide, Fenton Communications and LATISM and Richard McCarson, a business and sales professional with Nestlé USA and formerly with Pepsi and Sara Lee. Ms.Esquivel and Mr. McCarson together bring over 35 years of experience in sales, marketing, management and communication.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Unsung Heroes of Gov 2.0

Thank you Alan, on all counts! Who are your Gov 2.0 unsung heroes?
About Obama Administration
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The Unsung Heroes of Gov 2.0

Thank you Alan, on all counts! Who are your unsung Gov 2.0 heroes?
About Obama Administration
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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Latina Bloggers and Blogalicious

Hear, hear! The mindset of community and sharing is truly inspiring. I am grateful to be a part of the conversation. Great to see you at Blogalicious!
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Latina Bloggers and Blogalicious

Melanie, You are very welcome. It was great to finally meet you in real life too! It was wonderful to have you as a part of the Latina presence at Blogalicious. Like you I am thrilled to continue to see great things happening in the Digital Latina community. As they say in Spanish, Pa'lante (onwards).
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Latina Bloggers and Blogalicious

Hi Angelica, Yes we have!

It truly is that platform and what is most exciting to me is that I think we are only scratching the surface of what is possible.

You are very welcome for the recap. Thank you for taking the time to read it and for sharing your thoughts!
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