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Friday, May 28, 2010

Converging Worlds? New Media, Social Media, Journalism, Communications, Marketing

Thank you for your kind props! What an interesting trajectory you have had. What inspired you to make all of those changes?

You write, " I think it is imperative for the survival of all dying mediums that they adapt and adopt to the changing ways world citizens receive their news, entertainment and information." I couldn't agree with you more!

How do you think the adapting/adopting is going?
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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Converging Worlds? New Media, Social Media, Journalism, Communications, Marketing

Thank you Debbie for your kind words! I am glad that you find my enthusiasm about social media/new media contagious/viral! Honestly, I can't help it. I love what I do. These are very exciting times indeed! Its great to see how legacy journalism is covering different aspects of new media-- blending of worlds indeed. What do you love most about this space?
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Converging Worlds? New Media, Social Media, Journalism, Communications, Marketing

Humanatek (H. Martin de'Campo), Thank you! Great to hear about our similar trajectories! Truth be told though my path intersected the North, South, East and West coast - TX, CA, NY, FL, MD, DC, etc.
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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Converging Worlds? New Media, Social Media, Journalism, Communications, Marketing

On a slightly different, though related note, I am still looking for feedback from others in the Fifth Estate for the Poynter Institute and the Ford Foundation's meeting of the Fourth and Fifth Estates.

(Earlier this week, I had the great honor of receiving an invitation from the Poynter Institute and the Ford Foundation to participate in a meeting of "Influential thought leaders in the Fourth and Fifth Estates" and I am opening it up to virtual participation by my social network through the Blogosphere, Twitterverse and Facebook. The topic - the values and practices in the evolution of news:

Interestingly enough, so far I have received some great feedback through Facebook but not a peep through Twitter.

I thought I'd pose the question again here.


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Converging Worlds?: New Media, Social Media, Journalism, Communications, Marketing

Yesterday, I caught up with an old school mate of mine.  She is a brand manager at P&G.  As we talked about the work that each of us is doing these days she said to me, "You are coming into my world!"

We laughed a little.

I have had an interesting trajectory since my days at Cornell.  For the last fifteen years, I have moved in between the private sector, the nonprofit sector and the government sector.  Moving in between these sectors has always felt very natural to me.  I am clear that each opportunity I have had has built on the other and they have all  fit together in the broader story of my own brand and what I am hoping to do through my career.

Since the beginning of the last decade, I have been working in one form or another in New Media.

I love it.  I am an evangelist.  I have trained hundreds of people in it.  I have seen the power of what it can do for brands, campaigns, individuals, businesses, governments and nonprofits.  I believe it is the future.  I have  worked in the intersection of New Media, Social Media, Journalism, Communications and Marketing as these worlds have begun to converge and I am honored to be playing in this space at such a critical time.  I think the possibilities of what we can build are endless and the journey is only beginning.

So yes.  Perhaps my friend is right.  After all of these years I am coming into her world.  But perhaps another way of looking at it is that as the lines between New Media, Social Media, Journalism, Communications and Marketing continue to evolve, her world is converging with mine.  We are in effect "coming into each other's worlds" and I for one am very excited about the possibilities that this convergence presents for the future.

How about you?

The Better Angels of Our Nature: Responding to Arizona's Immigration Law

"So, first of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself—nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance." -FDR

I love FDR.

It is this quote that motivated me to write my post. I had some trepidation putting my personal story, my parents story out there for public consumption, especially given the heated nature of this topic and the fact that the commentary is not always respectful. However, after much thought I did put this out there for public consumption because I believe that despite fear we must act. Fear can not keep us paralyzed nor must we allow it to stop us from converting retreat into advance. I wrote this because despite my fear I need to stand up to this unjust law. Despite my fear, like FDR and his wife Eleanor I must fight for a better U.S. Moreover, I end with a call to action, "Our responsibility to fight for civil rights hasn't ended, and will not end as long as we allow fear and hatred to tear us apart. We need to celebrate the immigrants among us as well as our national values of diversity and inclusion. We must have faith in the goodness of our people, and encourage each other to be the best we can be. We must be brave. Let us be the U.S. that so many have come to this shore to find."
About Civil Rights
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Invitation from the Poynter Institute and the Ford Foundation: the Fourth and Fifth Estates

Earlier this week, I had the great honor of receiving an invitation from the Poynter Institute and the Ford Foundation to participate in a meeting of "Influential thought leaders in the Fourth and Fifth Estates."

The conversation will include influential voices in journalism - both new media and legacy media.  The topic: the values and practices in the evolution of news.

The meeting is by invitation only.  However, I thought why not open it up to others in the Fifth Estate (by way of this blog, FB, Twitter, etc.) and ask all of you what your thoughts are on the matter?

The Better Angels of Our Nature: Responding to Arizona's Immigration Law

Let me be very clear. I wrote this post because I am very concerned about the new Arizona immigration law. My concern comes as a daughter of the U.S., as a U.S. citizen, as someone born in the U.S. with U.S. parents. I am very, very concerned about my civil and human rights being placed into jeopardy by this law.
About Civil Rights
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The Better Angels of Our Nature: Responding to Arizona's Immigration Law

As the author of this post, I will reiterate that what I am concerned about is the racial profiling that will come from SB1070. Police Chief Gascón says something similar here:

My thoughts from the original post:

"I do not live in Arizona, the home of a new law that makes it a crime to be without your immigration paperwork if police choose to question your citizenship status, and yet I feel its impact all these miles away. Now, for the first time in my life, there is a level of fear for me attached with being--and looking--Latina. A few times now I have returned home during the day after realizing that I didn't have my U.S. passport on me. Despite being a U.S. citizen, born in this country, I am fearful of having any issues if stopped. This is not the U.S. that I left China for."
About Civil Rights
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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Kety at Netroots Nation 2010

I just agreed to be on a panel at Netroots Nation 2010.  The topic?  "What Real-Life Ethnic Advertising Can Teach You About Political Communication."  More details to follow but for now hold the date - Friday, July 23rd.  Looking forward to seeing you in Las Vegas! 

The Better Angels of Our Nature: Responding to Arizona's Immigration Law

Don Quixote, Thank you. I will keep your mom and the rest of your family in my thoughts. I too am disillusioned that we have to fight for the most basic rights and yet if not us who? There is much work to do and like Cervantes' Don Quixote, despite it all, I still believe that a better world is possible and that there are good folks out there to help make it so.
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The Better Angels of Our Nature: Responding to Arizona's Immigration Law

Wrong. Again what I have written is being misrepresented.

The Arizona law is unjust as it profiles against the Latino community.

As it relates to immigration reform, that is a federal issue that has to be taken on at the federal level. The system is broken and it must be fixed.

This is not about how this law would target, "Communists, socialists, trade unionists, Jews and me."

You are taking the quote out of context. The quote was intended to illustrate how we are on a slippery slope - how the erosion of civil rights and human rights of one people eventually become the erosion of civil rights and human rights of all.

Martin Niemoeller's words in the aftermath of World War II were speaking to this in the context of his period of time. His words are true today in our context.
About Civil Rights
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The Better Angels of Our Nature: Responding to Arizona's Immigration Law

For those of you who have any doubts about the racial profiling involved or who think that having "papers" on one as a U.S. citizen will excuse Latinos/Latinas from any harassment, please think again. This recent case of a Puerto Rican who was threatened with deportation to Mexico, despite being a U.S. citizen by birth says it all. The U.S. citizen was kept in jail for three days while the government determined his status, despite having his "papers" Given this can you seriously say that we have nothing to fear from the recent AZ legislation?
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The Better Angels of Our Nature: Responding to Arizona's Immigration Law

The fact that the immigration system is broken and needs to be fixed at the federal level does not mean that an unjust law is acceptable.

#1- The immigration system is broken. It needs to be fixed at the federal level. We need to hold our politicians accountable until they fix it.

#2- The Arizona law is unjust and as such it is unacceptable.
About Civil Rights
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The Better Angels of Our Nature: Responding to Arizona's Immigration Law

Voyager48, You are misrepresenting what I have written. I do think that people from all over the world are deserving of consideration.

This article is about the Arizona law which is intended to racially profile against people who are Latino.

Moreover, tragically, the hate crimes against Latinos have not been about martyrdom but rather murders that have resulted from prejudice and fear-mongering.

I agree that the immigration system is broken and that it needs to be reformed immediately. I agree that the federal government has looked the other way and that we need to hold our politicians accountable for this.

This article, however, is about the unjust law in Arizona.
About Civil Rights
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The Better Angels of Our Nature: Responding to Arizona's Immigration Law

Petey131, You write "I am Mexican-American. I was born in the USA. I am proud and will not let fear dominate me." I agree with your sentiments. The fact that the emotion of fear comes up for me given the racial profiling that this law engenders and the fact that bigotry and racism still occur in this country will not in anyway dominate me. In this article I am simply writing about what's so. As a proud U.S. born citizen and daughter of immigrants who came to this country in search of the American dream, I will not let fear dominate me either. That it is exists in me as an emotion - that is undeniable. Acknowledging that I now get to choose what I will do with it. And what I will do with it is choose to believe in the words of Ambrose Redmoon, "Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear," and the words of Margaret Mead, "...that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." It is out of those emotions that I have written this piece and chosen to share my story and that of my parents with the world.
About Civil Rights
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The Better Angels of Our Nature: Responding to Arizona's Immigration Law

Romulus, I responded to your question yesterday, but will respond again today. Those are two different things. In the first place, if a law is unjust, unfair and even unconstitutional, it must be condemned, i.e., when the abolitionists condemned slavery they did so on this basis -- so too did those that condemned the Japanese Internment camps during World War II, the trail of tears, Jim Crow and the Chinese Exclusion Act. There is a long history of folks condemning unjust laws in this great nation. That argument is separate from the argument of coming up with solutions. The purpose of this blog post was to condemn this unjust law. I am working on another blog post which will speak to my specific recommendations as it relates to immigration reform. However, once again that is a different topic for a different post.
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Monday, May 24, 2010

The Better Angels of Our Nature: Responding to Arizona's Immigration Law

#1- No human being is illegal. #2- We are not talking about aliens here because last time I checked Hispanics were human beings and not from another planet. #3- If you want to know where to look for Hispanics, you will have to look among the white, black and Asian populations because Hispanic is not a race. If you are looking for Hispanics some of us are brown, some are black, some are white, some are Asian. Due to the history of colonization in the Americas we are mixed and to not realize that is of great folly.
About Civil Rights
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The Better Angels of Our Nature: Responding to Arizona's Immigration Law

Mr. Alexander, one of my concerns in this piece is civil rights. Specifically, as a U.S. citizen I am concerned about my own civil rights and the civil rights of other Hispanics like me who will be profiled under this bill. I am not talking about the Middle East in this post. I am talking about the United States of America and my concern about my civil rights in the U.S.A. as a U.S. citizen. If you read the entry for civil rights under the Merriam-Webster online dictionary you will see exactly what I am talking about.

Main Entry: civil rights
Function: noun plural
Date: 1658

: the nonpolitical rights of a citizen; especially : the rights of personal liberty guaranteed to United States citizens by the 13th and 14th amendments to the Constitution and by acts of Congress
About Civil Rights
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The Better Angels of Our Nature: Responding to Arizona's Immigration Law

Those are two different things that you are talking about Romulus. In the first place, if a law is unjust, unfair and even unconstitutional, it must be condemned, i.e., when the abolitionists condemned slavery they did so on this basis -- so too did those that condemned the Japanese Internment camps during World War II, the trail of tears, Jim Crow. There is a long history of folks condemning unjust laws in this great nation. That argument is separate from the argument of coming up with solutions.
About Civil Rights
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The Better Angels of Our Nature: Responding to Arizona's Immigration Law

Your statement begs the question did the steady drumbeat of "Bad, Racist Nazi Germany!" become quite tiresome as well?
About Civil Rights
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Friday, May 21, 2010

The Better Angels of Our Nature: Responding to Arizona's Immigration Law

My second piece is now live on Yes Magazine.
Here's the teaser:

Arizona's new immigration law offers a choice between standing up for human rights or looking away while they're eroded. Which side will you be on?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The 21st Century Civil Rights Movement

Inspired by my very long post on the recent Arizona law, I've decided to do two shorter, crisper pieces for Yes Magazine.  

You can read the first one here.

The next one will follow shortly.

Here's the teaser:

Arizona's new immigration law has awakened a sleeping giant, with hundreds of thousands of people finding creative ways to stand in solidarity with Arizona's Latino community.

June New Media Seminar

I had such a wonderful time during this month's new media seminar and such a phenomenal response from the participants who have asked me to do more (a series).  I have decided to follow their advice and begin a series of new media seminars.  Stay tuned for more details regarding June's New Media Seminar.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Populist Tidal Waves, Hope, Fear and What is Possible: Arizona, Immigration and the Future of the Nation

In the US we are struggling between the vision of what is possible and a history of prejudice and fear.  With a striking increase in numbers, the growth of the Latino community in the US has led to two tidal waves forcing the resistant hand of politicians on immigration reform. These tidal waves feed off of each other. On the one hand we have the growing voice of the Latino community stepping into its economic and political power. On the other we have the hateful voice of nativists who fear this growing community and who are doing everything they can to try and subvert it.  Like so many movements before it i.e., that of the Suffragists, the Abolitionists, and those of the Civil Rights era, this movement is driven by people who believe that a better world is possible and folks who are willing to put skin in the game to make it so.

Earlier this month, hundreds of thousands of folks took to the streets across the nation to protest on behalf of immigration reform. It was the fourth in a series of yearly marches that started in earnest in May of 2006 to protest anti-immigrant legislation. In parallel to that a few days earlier in Arizona a heinous law was proposed which experts agree will lead to racial profiling.  Many experts have said that what we are seeing in Arizona and other states which are following suit including PA and TX with copy cat laws is at least in part caused by the broken immigration system and the unwillingness of the federal government to get serious about immigration reform.

The Arizona law definitely caused there to be a distinctly different flavor to the May 1st marches this year.  People decided to take to the streets in record numbers in solidarity with the Hispanics in Arizona and against this law.  Moreover, unlike earlier marches this year, where marchers listened patiently to the platitudes of politicians like president Obama, this time folks were not interested in hearing empty promises from politicians but in actions exemplified by the peaceful civil disobedience of prominent leaders.  Once ardent Obama supporter, Representative Gutierrez was arrested with a group of other leaders from in front of the White House while folks chanted "Obama show your face."

The culture of inaction that we have been living in has caused the murders of Latinos, the profiling of Latinos and could lead to the next iteration of segregation.  We can not be naive.  We can not forget our history as a nation. We have much to be proud of as Americans but also much in our history to cause alarm, i.e. the internment camps that Japanese Americans were put in during WWII, the Trail of Tears and let us not forget Jim Crow and the lynchings.  As David Neiwert shows in his excellent post on the great popularity of the interment of Japanese Americans during World War II the, "Polls on Arizona immigration law remind us of a historic truth: Discarding the civil rights of others is always a popular idea."

What happened in Arizona with this law, what is happening in Arizona with ethnic studies and the re-assigning of teachers who have accents, what happened earlier this year in Texas with the school curriculum these are all a part of a slippery slope and the erosion of human rights beginning at the state level which has national implications.  

Dr. Warren Stewart says, "You have awakened the 21st century civil rights movement."  He has it right.  They have awakened the sleeping giant.  Latinos have had enough.  Americans have had enough.  And we are standing up against these unjust measures.  We are sick and tired of the empty promises of politicians and with our allies, we are ready to step into our economic and political power to demand reform.

We are calling on our leaders to help us build a better future to live into.  It is time for national organizations to lead.  It is time for politicians like president Obama to make good on the campaign promises that they made to the Latino community.  On the campaign trail, while asking for our vote, president Obama promised to take us to the promised land.  We are waiting for him to help us bend the arc of the universe towards justice as he promised.

OR we will do it for ourselves.

In truth we already are doing it for ourselves.

Last week Latinos in Social Media the largest collective of Latinos in social media in the US launched the Latino2 campaign encouraging Latinos and everyone who stands for human rights to stand in solidarity with the Latinos in Arizona and against the unjust law and proudly declare I am Latino2.  The major league baseball players union came out against the legislation, individual baseball players have come out against the law, there are conversations about moving the All Star game from Arizona as a result of this and in Illinois there is a campaign encouraging the Chicago Cubs to move their spring training from Arizona to Florida.  The Phoenix Suns basketball franchise had players wearing "Los Suns" jerseys in Game 2 of its playoff series. Robert Sarver registered Republican and Spurs team owner was quoted saying that "...the result of passing this law is that our basic principles of equal rights and protection under the law are being called into question."  The Sherrif of Pima, AZ has said he will refuse to enforce this law.  Mexico's government has issued a travel advisory advising folks to not travel to Arizona.  Folks are talking about filing law suits against AZ.  In Arizona, the Tucson and Flagstaff city councils voted to sue AZ over this law, becoming "the first municipalities in Arizona to approve legal challenges."  In Austin, Texas the City Council passed a resolution to stop doing business with AZ, as has San Francisco, Los Angeles, West Hollywood and Oakland in CA, Milwaukee in WI, Boston in MA, St. Paul in MN,  New York in NY, Boulder in CO and Washington, DC.  Moreover, in DC  the city council, "sponsored a bill forbidding the police chief from sharing arrest data with federal immigration officials."  CNN today announced that a Phoenix Official has said that this law could cost the city 90 million.  Stars like Shakira, Ricky Martin and even Schwarzenager have spoken out strongly against the AZ law.  Political PACs like and MoveOn have come out with a new campaign targeting AZ.  And in the words of Sam Stein at HuffPo, the AFL-CIO has "written a stern letter to Secretary Janet Napolitano demanding that the Department of Homeland Security cut programmatic ties with law enforcement officials in Arizona or be complicit in the state's controversial immigration law." 

In 2000 after living nearly four years in China, I left to the US. When people asked me why I was returning to the US to start again from scratch, I told them that I was returning because there was no where in the world like this country -- this was a nation of immigrants which drew on the strength of its diversity.  I was proud of being American, a daughter of immigrants from Latin America who could stand with her fellow Americans in that joint identity while still celebrating the culture of my parents and their ancestors. Now, for the first time there is a level of fear for me attached with being Latina and how I look. A few times now I have had to return home because I realize that I don't have my passport on me and I am fearful of having any issues if stopped.

That is not the US that I left China for. That is not the US that I came back for.  I am multilingual.  I have worked in countries all over the world.  I have lived in seven states in the North, South, East and West of this nation.  I was born and bred in upstate New York and went to an Ivy League University.  I am a published author, a public speaker and have been a talking head on major news outlets.  If I feel fear as a Latina daughter of immigrants I can only imagine how my brothers and sisters feel who do not have the same privilege and opportunities that I have.  In effect these laws will create an isolated, dependent and fearful citizenry versus an expansive, inclusive and generous one.  As an American, I long for the latter.  Instead of making our kids fearful of the other, we should be getting all of our kids to know one another and celebrate in the diversity that makes this nation as great as it is.

My father came from Mexico to Fordham University to pursue his PhD in theology and philosophy.  He became a social worker in upstate NY.  He spoke English with a very heavy accent but his connection with the kids was powerful.  I remember walking down the street with him in upstate NY and having people stop him and tell him, "Mr. Esquivel you changed my life."  At one point in his career he almost lost his job as a social worker because folks said his accent was too thick and it made him ineffective.  Then they surveyed the kids.  He was the highest rated social worker despite his heavy accent.  He was connecting with them, contributing to them and their life in a way that no one else was.  Imagine if he had been taken out of that position which he served in with commitment for over thirty years of his life because of his accent -- How many kids lives would have remained untouched, unchanged?

His story is not unique.

There are many immigrants making powerful contributions to society despite their accents and their countries of origin and we are lucky to have men and women like him, Schwarzenegger, Madeline Albright and the countless others who pick our fruits and vegetables, mow our lawns and like Albert Einstein develop the theory of relativity.  Immigration reform must happen this year and the immigration measures passed can not be draconian - they must not be draconian. They must reflect our history and our legacy as a nation of immigrants.  The Statue of Liberty and her inspiring words, Cesar Chavez's words: Yes We Can, the churches' words about taking care of the least of these, these are our better angels. These are the angels that we Americans need to be listening to.

We need to step forward bravely as a nation as we have before in the days of the suffragists, the abolitionists, the civil rights movement.  The struggles of human rights and civil rights are not new to us.  As a nation and as a people we continue to build towards the dream of what we can be.

There is fear.  There is hate.  But there is also love and hope.  I believe that coupled with our voices and with our leadership, the leadership of the grass roots, the people, the collective power of love and hope will win.  We will vote with our feet, with our money and with our electoral power.  And if our leaders do not lead us, we will step up to lead them to the promised land.  The Arc of the moral universe bends towards justice as Martin Luther King Jr. said but like President Obama said when he was running for office, it only bends that way if we place our hand on it and bend it.  We are bending it towards justice - the question now is who among our elected officials will partner with us in the coming days, weeks and years.  We are watching and we will remember and our electoral and financial voice and muscle will only continue to get stronger.  Sooner or later, it will be felt and heard.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Love, Marriage and Choice

Soon I will be a married woman.  I am engaged to the most wonderful man, as they say in Spanish mi media naranja and I feel incredibly blessed.  In him I have found a partnership like no other.  He compliments my weaknesses and affirms my strengths.  Over the time that we have dated he has forgiven my human imperfections and the fobiles of my character and by his side I have grown immensely as a human being, a world citizen, a woman and even as an American.  He is my life partner and I look forward to living out the remaining years of my life at his side. 

As he so often says, we have passed the porch test.  I am humbled that he has asked me to marry him.  I look forward to growing old with him by my side and to sitting on a porch some day,  somewhere watching the sunrise and/or the sunset.  He brings with him the two most amazing little human beings.  I am honored to welcome them into my life as a step mom and to have the chance to help to raise them.  I would have never imaginged this life as possible.  I would have never dreamed that I would feel as happy, safe and secure as I do or as at peace and confident in our future personally and professionally, together and interdependently.  I am grateful beyond words to him for who he is, who he has chosen to be and who he is choosing to be and to the universe, to Yaweh for bringing us together.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

5/17 2 Hour New Media Training - In Real Life

Thank you for your overwhelming positive response!  Given the feedback that I have received to date, I will be conducting a New Media training in real life on 5/17 from 12-2pm (in Washington DC).  To RSVP for this training email me: or DM me on twitter @KetyE

Learn the Keys to New Media
Learn the keys of how to engage New Media for your cause or organization in this participatory New Media workshop in which you will:

1. learn to think through a new media and social media strategy,
2. develop an understanding about how social media fits into broader strategy and how it can lead to results/success/ROI,
3. get practical advice on tactics/methods,
4. find out about jobs in social media

Led by: Kety Esquivel

Kety Esquivel is a New Media Entrepreneur with over fifteen years of experience in the non‐profit, private and political sectors. She directed Latino outreach for the Clark Presidential Campaign. Her work has taken her to China and Ethiopia with the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa. She worked as the New Media Manager for NCLR (the National Council of La Raza). She is the Vice Chair of Membership for LATISM (Latinos in Social Media) and the Interim Executive Director.  Her commentary has been featured and quoted in stories for the Wall St. Journal Online, HITN, PBS, XM radio, CNN, Televisa, Univision and Democracy Now.  She is a published author and a serial entrepreneur.  She blogs here and on the Huffington Post.

For more information you can reach Kety by email at: or on Twitter: @KetyE

Tweets from May 1st Marches

On May 1st people took to the streets again to peacefully demonstrate on behalf of immigration reform. I participated in the march in real life in DC as well as through the twitterverse.  Below is my twitter stream with selected tweets from the marches across the US.  I am also working on a piece for YES! that should be online in the coming days. 

  1. From Jefferson Memorial #MayDay #DC #Immigration marches#LATISM #p2 #USA #immigrant #America

  2. With family at the #Jefferson Memorial after #MayDay #Immigrationmarches #DC

  3. Jefferson memorial "laws and institutions must go hand in hand w the progress of the human mind" #MayDay #DC

  4. RT @RedRedGreen @KetyE Getting arrested as protest tool maybe strategically used in AZ 2fill jails 2excess capacity maybe daily #Latism 

  5. RT @RichMcCarson They begin dismantling stage as the #maydayrally in #DC winds down #immigration #Latism #p2

  6. RT @RichMcCarson Ppl cheer as bus carrying arrested pulls away#DC #MayDay #immigration #Latism #solidarity

  7. RT @RichMcCarson Police on horse back in front of White House#immigration #Latism #solidarity #MayDay #p2

  8. RT @RichMcCarson: Chanting "Yes We Can!" and "Let my People Go!" #Latism #DC #immigration #solidarity #MayDay

  9. RT @RichMcCarson RT @BreakingNews 1000s Berlin residents take 2street 2prev neo-Nazi march #solidarity#LATISM #MayDay

  10. RT @RI4A: Marching in Minnesota! RT @xavierla: The #maydayrally for immigration reform reaches Whittier.

  11. RT @RI4A: We're marching in Iowa! RT @iowacci: CCI members posing at the Des Moines #mayday rally

  12. RT @XicanoPwr#mayday #austin #ri4a #Latism

  13. The crowd broke, the horses/police moved them back & the bus w the ppl arrested left #WhiteHouse #MayDay #Latism #p2 Rally winding down #DC

  14. Folks in front of me ran scared "they r going 2 make the horses run us over" #DC #Whitehouse #MayDay #LATISM <-I asked Rich 2move the kids

  15. RT @RI4A:Police 2get aggressive,moving media off #whitehousesidewalk #mayday #dc #latism

  16. Folks chant: The ppl united will never be defeated #MayDay El Pueblo Unido Jamas sera vencido

  17. Folks are asking President Obama come out and "show his face"#Latism #MayDay

  18. crowd says "Yes we can" chant of Obama campaign & farmworkers before him- Pres Obama are u listening? #LATISM

  19. RT @americasvoice: 1st of 40 arrested 'obama, stop deporting our families.' Very respectful but lots of booing #p2 #ri4a #mayday

  20. RT @RI4A: Ready for more numbers? 65,000 people marching in Milwaukee, WI today: #mayday#youreadthatright #LATISM

  21. RT @silversunstop: An injustice to one is an injustice to all. Any law that does not recogz hmn dignity is unjust. #mayday #march#LATISM

  22. RT @neontommy: Just released dozens of white doves, who are now circling City Hall. #dtla #la #mayday #cir #ascj #LATISM

  23. RT @eileentruax Decenas de palomas blancas liberadas y vuelan sobre miles y miles de manifestantes q marchan por Broadway.#Mayday #LATISM

  24. RT @JessLMorales: @barackobama ! Obama escucha, estamos en la lucha! #mayday #immigration #p2 #myheartiswithyou#LATISM

  25. RT @neontommy: Cardinal Mahony, as he looks out at the enormous crowd by City Hall: "I see America." #dtla #mayday #la#cir #ascj #LATISM

  26. RT @dannyoso Thousands of ppl protesting outside white house. Obama, the time to act is now #mayday #LATISM

  27. RT @kendra217: SF march takin off. #MayDay #LATISM

  28. RT @lorikodama (yes!) deeper meaning of #mayday solidarity across national lines, class lines, gender. #philly #m4a /via @sookyung #LATISM

  29. RT @willcoley #LA mayor @Villaraigosa Laws like the one in Arizona have no place in America! #latism

  30. RT @neontommy Speaker told protestors-fill out census forms "to show we are part of the fabric of this country." #dtla #mayday #asc#LATISM

  31. RT @qitah: Too many ppl at Union Park, so we've got to move! Ready take over Chicago! WHOSE STREETS? OUR STREETS!#mayday #LATISM

  32. RT @trunksy Villaragosa on podium - "For 200 yrs, we have been a nation of immigrants with dreams" #mayday #immigration#losangeles #LATISM

  33. RT @flormz: Villaraigosa speaking to over 250,000 in downtown LA#mayday #LATISM

  34. RT @NestoRivera: RT @DreamAct Getting arrested? #mayday#lineup #LATISM

  35. RT @pilarmarrero LA Police est 80000 organizer est 250000-truth-somewhere in the middle. Maybe 150,000? always in the middle#mayday #LATISM

  36. RT @lpecikonis: Sit in a the white house! Dream walkers & friends unite! @ri4a #mayday #LATISM #p2

  37. RT @RI4A RT @americasvoice This is intense, ppl at wh 2 get arrested, ppl across st chanting-obama listen we r fighting #mayday#p2 #latism

  38. RT @instantkarmaiu: Rev. Abraham Funchess speaks in support of reform #mayday Des Moines #LATISM

  39. RT @kendra217: "Deportations are up 30% under Obama." - ISO rep #MayDay #LATISM

  40. RT @sophievodka #SB1070 doesn't just hurt Hispanics, hurts ALL ppl of color!We shd stand in solidarity w/ Hispanic bros/sis#MAYDAY #LATISM

  41. RT @eileentruax: Aztec dancers in front of the City Hall during#Mayday march in Los Angeles. #LATISM

  42. RT @ThinkMexican: All the way from PA - My Dreams are not illegal!! #dreamact #mayday (via @DreamAct#LATISM

  43. RT @CyberMixtape @DreamAct #mayday march in #LA! @DTLA_CA #dreamact #immigration via @LizbethMateo #LATISM

  44. RT @JakeM: Yes, there's a huge pot of tamales just in case you were wondering. #mayday #pdx <- Nice #LATISM

  45. RT @justinberton: signage #mayday march SF Corner 24th/Mission #LATISM

  46. RT @CassandriaLC: @KetyE CAUSA OREGON ROCKS! #mayday#LATISM #immigration #p2

  47. RT @RussellBannan: 1000s of people rallying in Denver for#immigration reform. #mayday #ir4a #p2

  48. RT @barbiesnow @icirr Never to young 2 stand up 4 ur rights. @verocastro Starting them young! #MayDay #RI4A #LATISM

  49. RT @iyjl "I no longer blame myself.. I blame the immigration system that made me a criminal before I could walk" #mayday #DreamACT#LATISM

  50. RT @AAPIP RT @jaeun2 There is energetic chanting mixed with Korean, African drumming here at #mayday march in foley square#m4a #LATISM #p2

  51. RT @brodifaabs @willcoley "Don't imprison us! We just want 2go 2school! #dwn #LA #mayday#dreamact #LATISM

  52. RT @CAUSAOregon: Several hundred marching for reform in Salem #mayday #LATISM #immigration#p2

  53. RT @nakasec RT @americasvoice Adorable 11 yr old talking about families getting torn apart. We want Obama 2 keep his promise #mayday #LATISM

  54. RT @joaquinhguerra: @seiu exec vice president Eliseo medina speaking now in #NYC #mayday #p2

  55. RT @YCarrillo4: "we too shall act with civil disobedience." - Rep Gutierrez #mayday #dc #LATISM

  56. RT @willcoley Must be LOTS ppl here bc have 2 inch along w half steps. #LosAngeles #mayday #p2#LATISM

  57. RT @DreamAct: Hanging out with @lamarichola and @nysylc !#mayday #dreamact #LATISM

  58. RT @americasvoice Another kid-Jaime speaking: if my family gets separated, im going to have 2 choose btwn mom and dad :(#mayday #p2 #ri4a