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Friday, May 14, 2010

Love, Marriage and Choice

Soon I will be a married woman.  I am engaged to the most wonderful man, as they say in Spanish mi media naranja and I feel incredibly blessed.  In him I have found a partnership like no other.  He compliments my weaknesses and affirms my strengths.  Over the time that we have dated he has forgiven my human imperfections and the fobiles of my character and by his side I have grown immensely as a human being, a world citizen, a woman and even as an American.  He is my life partner and I look forward to living out the remaining years of my life at his side. 

As he so often says, we have passed the porch test.  I am humbled that he has asked me to marry him.  I look forward to growing old with him by my side and to sitting on a porch some day,  somewhere watching the sunrise and/or the sunset.  He brings with him the two most amazing little human beings.  I am honored to welcome them into my life as a step mom and to have the chance to help to raise them.  I would have never imaginged this life as possible.  I would have never dreamed that I would feel as happy, safe and secure as I do or as at peace and confident in our future personally and professionally, together and interdependently.  I am grateful beyond words to him for who he is, who he has chosen to be and who he is choosing to be and to the universe, to Yaweh for bringing us together.

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