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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

United in Song and Spirit for Mother Earth, aka Pachamama

The power of the people united here is impressive.

United in song and spirit across the globe, this is bigger than any one of us.  Without exception everyone I have interviewed to date at Cochabamba is clear that the power of change belongs to the people.  Whether or not life will change will depend on us and our leadership.

Here they are stepping up to lead and they are taking the responsibility.

I have heard so many times at this conference those famous words from Hillel - If not us, who and if not now, when?

The folks gathered here believe that they are the change agents it will take for the world to change and their energy is driven organically by their desire to positively impact the world through their actions and voices.  Though the energy is similar to the energy seen on political campaigns like the Obama campaign, this is not a  political campaign that is finite with an election cycle.  And if they keep that in mind I think that the folks here have the wherewithal to change the world.

It is inspiring.

We draw from different traditions, cultures and countries but we have all taken responsibility for our relationship with this planet, our earth - Pachamama and the world can only be the better for it.

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