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Monday, April 19, 2010

Pachamama, Cochabamba and Our Grain of Sand

 I've been in Cochabama, Bolivia now for the People's World Conference for Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth for maybe 15 hours but I feel like its been much longer than that.  There has been no time to acclimatize to the altitude.  There has been no time to sleep after the red eye journey from IAD that started out yesterday afternoon.  There is much work to be done and only a few days to do it and so we have all jumped right in.

The delegation that I am traveling with is a phenomenal group of folks of color from the US who want to make a difference on this front and I am clear that the conversations that we are having among ourselves and others will make that vision a reality.  Folks are passionate, hungry for change and gifted. 

Earlier today a question came from the twitterverse asking me what we were doing in Bolivia, why we were here.  I asked eight of my colleagues who I happened to be eating with at the moment and their answers were as follows- see below and welcome to Bolivia.  (I will be posting some video soon.) 

  1. I'd like 2 b a part of resurrecting the ideas and stories of the past-passed dwn from our ancestors re how 2live #WPCCC #LATISM#Cochabamba

  2. we r here 2further the ed and connectivity 2 Latinos & bring > awareness 2our comm on how 2 benefit mother earth #WPCCC#LATISM #Cochabamba

  3. after Haiti/after Chile/after China we r in a state of emerg- we all hv 2work under urgent org co-ordination 2save our earth #WPCCC#LATISM

  4. we come 2gether as 1ppl 2share-strategize-walk away w sustainable realistic approach 2address humanity's mst sever crisis yet #PWCCC#LATISM

  5. we r here to inspire hope for the next seven generations "si se puede!" #ClimateChange #WPCCC #Cochabamba #LATISM #Green

  6. we r here to find a viable solution to the mass extinction of everything on this planet #ClimateChange #WPCCC #Cochabamba #LATISM

  7. we r here to make connections w each other and mother earth that will transform #ClimateChange #WPCCC #Cochabamba #LATISM

  8. we r here 2support the cause b/c #ClimateChange is sthg we r all feeling on earth-we need 2 protect mother earth #latism #WPCCC#Cochabamba

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  1. Those are beautiful answers to that question.