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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

World Cup 2010 and Growing Up Latina

I am guessing you did not watch today's game. If you did I think any question surrounding the excellence of the US team's skill would be null. The team is excellent. They play with heart and are often underdogs. I will be writing another post on why I love the US soccer team soon, but those are some of the reasons. In addition to that the fact that they are from the US is indeed one of the other reasons that I love them. For me they represent some of what is best in the US character - how we play with heart and soul and never give up, how we persevere in the face of adversity and how, despite being a very young nation we have the spunk to go for and often achieve better results than countries much older than our own. Two other reasons that I love this team are as follows:

#1- I have seen in my life the evolution of this sport in the US and I am thrilled with what I see.

#2- As Univision so aptly put it in one of its commercials: cuando juega Estados Unidos - todos estamos Unidos. In other words - when the US plays we are all united. The US being the diverse nation that it is often rallies many of us who also cheer for other teams given our heritage. Many times the Americans that you see cheering are the kids of Mexicans, Uruguayans, Argentines, Koreans, etc.
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