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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Latinas in Social Media, Somersaults and Familia

Tonight an amazing Latina in Social Media (@JulieDiazAsper) is hosting a little pre-wedding get together for me and some other social media powerhouses.  I am thankful for her and her generosity, her friendship and hospitality.  I am thankful too to have been able to meet them all and now call them my sisters as a result of this new world of Social Media.  I feel truly blessed - talk about abundance!

It's great having this online - sometimes off line familia. 

Earlier today I was feeling very nervous. 

The wedding is only five weeks away and my tummy is doing somersaults. 

So, I decided to tweet about it and see what my online family had to say.  In a tweet I compared my feelings leading up to the wedding to the feelings I have whenever I am about to do a public speaking engagement.  I LOVE public speaking, but I always get butterflies in my stomach right before I speak.  That's what is happening to me now a few weeks before the wedding.  I am very excited about it.  I am clear I am a very, very lucky woman to be marrying such a wonderful man and I am humbled and honored that we will be joined by friends and family in such an exotic location.  Everything is exactly as I had always dreamed it to be and I am nervous.  As I tweeted to another friend my feet are very warm and the butterflies are having a field day in my stomach. 

Someone else tweeted wisely, "Los nervios make it more exciting!!"  As much as I resisted her words by way of twitter, I think she speaks with much wisdom.  The nervios (nerves) really do make it more exciting; and being able to share all of it with my online family all across the country is an amazing blessing. 

I am thankful, a bit nervous, smiling and in pre-wedding bliss. 

Now it's time for me to figure out where I am going for tonight's gathering and for those of you that are curious, I will be posting pictures!


  1. It really is great having that type of familia, verdad?!

    I hope you enjoy your pre-wedding party!


  2. It really is - I often wonder what we did before this... :-) Gracias Li! Will do! Un abrazo.