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Monday, March 22, 2010

My Contributions to the "Web Thinking Manifesto"

Earlier this month, I was interviewed by one of my friends Michael Silberman from EchoDitto for a white paper that he was writing with Tim Walker from Biocreative.  The title of the white paper, "Web Thinking Manifesto."  In it Michael and Tim argue,

Our field is maturing rapidly. The next generation of movement leaders is overcoming its fetish with technology and expertise as secrets to online success. Indeed, now faced with existential challenges from a fast shifting landscape, the time has come for us all to rethink our most deeply held tenets in this struggle to remain relevant. Thankfully, a brave few are trying – and they're finding answers. Looking beyond traditional online strategy, they're fundamentally transforming how they and their organizations work – shifting their entire perspective towards what we call "Web Thinking" – to better reflect the reality of our time. And they're winning. They're charting a path forward for us all.
When they interviewed me for the white paper they gave me a sneak peek at it and their ten proclamations.  I must confess I agreed wholeheartedly with what they had to say.  During the interview I gave them quite a bit of additional feedback, but here is the quote that they decided to use from me for their piece--

We Will Hire Digital Natives


ED and CEO, Latinos in Social Media
Former New Media Manager, National Council of La Raza

"So many people are now branding themselves as "social media experts" without the proper experience. I learned first-hand during my time at National Council of La Raza that organizations need to be clear what they are getting and what they need. Digital natives are not just people who say they are. And orgs should avoid devaluing the position or the space by hiring people with entry-level experience to do mission-critical or senior-level work."

To read their full white paper go here.

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