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Thursday, January 7, 2010

My 20+ reasons to blog (building on 111)

Today my friend turned 37.  For her birthday she asked her friends to share their reasons to blog.  Below are my 20+ reasons to blog (building on the 111 reasons other friends had already listed.)  My 20+ reasons to blog- 

112. To change the world.
113. To create new conversations.
114. To shift old ways of thinking and old paradigms.
115. To innovate.
116. To dream the impossible dream.
117. To inspire others to dream with you.
118. To show (yourself and) others why it’s not only good for the world but why it makes practical sense and how there is an ROI to dream.
119. To break it down into the how to.
120. To share solutions – not just challenges.
121. To confront injustice.
122. To break stories.
123. To get others talking about what isn’t being talked about in Main Stream Media.
124. To get Main Stream Media talking about what needs to be spoken to.
125. To build a grassroots movement.
126. To build power.
127. To change policy.
128. To live your faith.
129. To live your promise for the world.
130. To give a platform to multiple communities.
131. To give your granito de arena.
132. To share your poetry.
133. To share your music.
134. To share your story.
135. To share the first few chapters of your book. ;-)
136. To live out the next (retired) phase of your life (like my dad).
137. To connect with the world (w/ a few strokes of the keyboard).

Read the other 111 reasons. 


  1. Thank you mi Hermana! You made my day.
    I love your blog already. Please keep it up for all the reasons you've listed here and because your unique talent must be shared.

  2. Ana, Of course hermana! Thank you! Will do.

  3. Great reasons for blogging. Gracias.